Organic Soya bean Farming as per the standards of USDA /NPOP and EU

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We provide training to farmers for organic farming.

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Organic Soya bean Farming as per the standards of USDA /NPOP and EU

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African Organics FZE Organic Soya bean Farming

African Organics FZE situated UAE, African Organics FZE is going to work in a strong eco system where it will act as a link between buyers & sellers. Company has a very strong contacts in most of the African Countries. Currently the associate companies are having 30,000 hectare of land (In Africa). All are associate company also have the respective and required organic certification.

Our Working What We Do

African Organics FZE is imparting highly professional technical skills to local organic agricultural farmers and manufacturers, helping them to create a high quality organic products. Along with the technical skills African organics also provides financial assistance to the African associate companies by providing advances so their business operations can be conveniently operated. African Organics FZE has 4 associated companies in the African continent & other companies are in a verge of association in a short time.

Our Presence Associates

African Organics FZE – As a globally-oriented company, we extend our reach to the African continent through our associated companies in Ghana, Togo, and Ethiopia. These partnerships allow us to foster local economies and promote sustainable agricultural practices while contributing to the overall well-being of the communities we engage with.

Baabaa Agro Processing Limited - Ghana

Baabaa Agro processing limited Ghana is the company situated in Tema, Ghana, this company is indulged in supply of organic Soya Bean & handling around 3000 MT per month. Baabaa agro is a prominent supplier of maize and Organic Soya bean to Essaar Agro West Africa Limited & have also developed their own organic production eco system.

Essaar Agro West Africa Limited - Ghana

Essaar Agro West Africa Limited Ghana, having their Headquarters in Tema, Ghana. Since last 15 years of its incorporation the company is continuously growing & reaching new heights. The production capacity in animal feed/ poultry feed is 4000 MT per month & 1000 MT per month in ORGANIC SOYA BEAN MEAL. The company is planning for the rapid expansion, by Dec 2022 Essaar Agro West Africa will achieve 3000 MT per month ORGANIC SOYA BEAN MEAL production capacity. Since last 5 years the company is associated with more than 2500 local farmers for the ORGANIC SOYABEAN production. Assuring ORGANIC SOYA BEAN crop in forthcoming harvest. The company is having well equipped lab as per the laid norms, having experienced lab technicians to ensure the quality assurance of the products.

Jagdish Agro Production PLC - Ethiopia

Jagdish Agro Production PLC Ethiopia, is one of the pioneer in manufacturing of soya meal & full fat soya meal having existence since last 4 years. Having their headquarters in Adama, Ethiopia. Having strong presence in entire Ethiopian market in complete care of poultry & cattle feed. The company is having technical equipped lab based on compliance requirements, with experienced lab technicians to deliver the expected quality. The capacity of existing animal plant is 6000 MT per month & 1500 MT per month organic soya bean meal. The company is expanding & by Dec 2022 the production capacity of ORGANIC SOYA BEAN MEAL will be more than 3000 MT per month.

West African Women Bio Farming Society - SARL - Togo

West African Women Bio Farmers Society (WAWBFS) TOGO, this company is incorporated with a strong vision of women farmers’ empowerment & enablement. WAWBFS is imparting the relevant technical skills to the women farmer’s ensuring their self-dependency in the organic agricultural eco system. The society already has a strength of 700 women’s to whom technical organic agricultural assistance is being provided. By Jan 2023 the company will achieve procuring capacity of 3000 MT per month organic soya bean per month. The company is situated in LOME city Togo.